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Green Screen Wedding Photography in PDX

A wedding is one of the most magical days of one’s life. There’s the couple or bridal shower, the bachelor or bachelorette party, the welcome party, and of course, the wedding itself. Wedding-related events call for exceptional entertainment choices. Bring your wedding party to Oh Snap! PDX for a memorable occasion!

Our green screen can take your guests anywhere, includes photo filters, and is GIF-enabled. The screen also includes a time-machine design and professional studio lighting. Plus, our Wi-Fi connectivity lets you immediately share your pics via social media, email, or SMS.

Beautiful Backdrops

Maybe your wedding is in Hawaii, but you also want a photo with your special someone in front of the Eiffel Tower. That’s no problem thanks to our green screen wedding photography in PDX. At Oh Snap! PDX, you can take a photo with almost any backdrop—ranging from tourist destinations to nature themes and artistic designs.

Share It!

Nobody likes hopelessly waiting for something to upload at a concert, sports event, or other venue where there’s no Wi-Fi. Our wedding photo booth in PDX lets users connect to Wi-Fi, so they can instantly share their photos online. Don’t wait several hours or days to upload your photos—our green screen wedding photography in PDX lets your friends see them right away.

Etched into Eternity

You and your spouse will cherish your newlywed photos and memories long after the wedding. The love you two share is forever, and our PDX wedding photo booth helps you capture one of your biggest moments together. The photos you take at Oh Snap! PDX will bring you happiness for years to come.

Create memories that last a lifetime—book now to add Oh Snap! PDX to your wedding festivities!

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